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2RuleSynth V3 

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2RuleSynth V3


UPDATE (New Feature)
  • Changes:

  • New Effect layers Added as a separate window. Each effect can be connected to any other effects:

  • Reverb.

  • Dleay.

  • Chorus.

  • Phasor.

  • Decimator.

  • Distortion.

  • PitchShifter.

  • CombFilter.

  • Vibrato.

  • Tremolo.

  • GUI refinemets.

  • Several Bugs fixed.

Screenshot 2023-08-27 at 23.16.46.png
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Old 2RuleSynth (V1,V2)

2RuleSynth v2


UPDATE (New Feature)
  • -Reaper program file update crash solved

  • -Fine tuning range -12 +12 semi note

  • -Left Mouse Right Mouse parameter changes on ADSRs and Filter windows

  • -Multiple  Exclude feature by pressing  left mouse on Labels for param randmization

  • -JSON Preset for future backward compatibity for presets (old saved preset will be missed)

  • 2 Independent Oscillators

  • Waveforms: Sine, Saw, Triangle, Square, White Noise.

  • Controls: Waveform, Mode, Fine-Tune, Octave.

  • Each Oscillators has its own filter ,  amp and filter ADSR and LFOs

  • ADSR Controls: Depth, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release.

  • LFOs for amp, filter and pitch syncable to tempo

  • Ring algorithm Osc1 x Osc2

  • FM modulator Oscillator 1 modulates Oscillator 2.

  • Self resonance Moog type filter Low Pass,High Pass, Band Pass for each oscillator

  • Mono/Polyphonic control.

  • Spectrum and Wave Windows 

  • Reverb 

  • Delay syncable to tempo

  • Chorus

  • Waveshape distortion

  • 8 note polyphonic operation.

  • Preset randomize button

  • 49 factory presets (some suitable for Musique concrète)

Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 21.36.23.png

2RuleSynth is a software synthesizer have any classic synthesis techniques – subtractive, FM or and Ring simulatenously. It has LFOs and ADSR for every two independent oscillators. It has its own characteristic soundscape that can go as far as concrete music. Besides the familiar classical analog sounds, experimental sounds can be found using the randomize button:

It is a beta version developed using Juce Framework. I have developed the plugin to gain experience  and understand the juce framework. I don't think they are any big bugs. Some basic things are missing. I will complete them over time

2RuleSynth 1.1


UPDATE (New Feature)
  • Excluding selected parameter for randomization (Ctrl+MouseClick on parameter for selection.      
    Shift+ Randomize button for cancelling all).
  • AU format.
  • Limiter for Output: Indication of  distortion at "Waves" window.

2RuleSynth 1.0

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